Tuesday, November 30, 2004

I think that the one thing that everyone can absolutely agree on without question is that college football needs a playoff... badly. The BCS is an absolute train wreck and is getting worse each year. Let's face it, they were lucky the first couple of years. Take last year for instance. Wasn't the BCS supposed to prevent a split national champion? You ended up with two one loss teams arguing over who should play Oklahoma for the national championship (and as it turns out maybe they should have played each other). This year you have Auburn going through a very tough SEC schedule undefeated and when the Orange Bowl is played for the national championship, Auburn players will be sitting in their hotel rooms in New Orleans watching (or maybe they will be out on Bourbon Street getting hammered). And that isn't even the biggest tragedy. The biggest oversight is Texas. I'm no Texas fan, but they only have one loss... to Oklahoma! How ridiculous is it that they are going to be left out of the BCS while Utah (whose biggest wins are A&M and North Carolina), Michigan (two losses), Virginia Tech (two losses), and worst of all Pittsburgh will all be playing BCS bowl games. Let's take a look at Pittsburgh for a minute. They have epic games against the likes of Temple, Furman, and Rutgers which they can all tack up as wins and when they play a good team like Nebraska they lose! Oh wait... Nebraska was HORRIBLE this year and they still found a way to lose to them. Anyway, nice going BCS selection committee. Way to keep us thrilled with the likes of a Pittsburgh Utah matchup. I'm sorry Texas, but you got screwed and I'm greatful for other options on New Year's day (like recovering from a hang over).


At 2:24 PM, Blogger Ricardo Grande said...

I was a big fan of the playoff idea until Georgia Southern lost in the first round of the I-AA tourney this year. Clearly, playoffs are innately flawed, and this has nothing to do with my team choking. :)


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