Thursday, December 09, 2004

For me, my political beliefs have always been that people should be able to live their lives as they want to as long as they aren't bothering or disturbing anyone else. I bring this up for two reasons. Recently in Orlando, Florida a young child was mauled to death by a relative's pit bull. Of course now people are talking about legislation to ban the breed in the county (or city... whatever). Even Neal Boortz who is a pretty big libertarian has said he agrees with the idea. I just don't get this. The CDC did a study over twenty years regarding fatal injuries and dog breeds. In twenty years they found that pure bred pit bulls were responsible for 66 deaths. Sixty Six Deaths! In Twenty Years! And people want the breed banned? Just because a few people can not control their animals does not mean that everyone should be banned from owning the breed. It is just ridiculous. How many sixteen year old drivers have killed other people on the road in the last twenty years? Should we ban sixteen year old drivers? How many people have been killed by lightning in the last twenty years? Should we ban standing outside when it rains? I believe in letting people make their own decisions and taking responsibility for it. By banning pit bulls or rottweiler's or whatever other breed, you aren't letting people do that.

The second reason I brought this up, is that it is nice to see somewhere people are making logical decisions on legislation regarding people's personal lives.


At 12:12 PM, Blogger Ricardo Grande said...

You know what else shouldn't be banned? Having sex with dogs. If we want Pit Bulls to not attack people, we have to give them a genetic reason not to do so. If they had a little dose of human reason and sensibility, they wouldn't be biting anyone. So, we need a new race of man-dogs to accomplish that.


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