Monday, December 06, 2004

Yeah bashing on the BCS is almost too easy. Look at the mess they are in. I have to admit, I feel glad for Mack Brown and Texas. If I were him, I would have begged to have my team in the BCS as well. Cal... you can call it classless or whatever you want, but Texas is playing on New Years Day and You are playing in the "Holiday Bowl". Enjoy. Since there really won't be a national championship this year I have a new proposal. How about we have Utah and Boise battle it out in the "Not quite good enough for a major bowl game, but we're still undefeated" Bowl. We'll have two one loss teams Cal and Texas battle it out in the "king of the sucks" Bowl. And we'll put Auburn, USC, and Oklahoma on the same field for the "Ultimate Fighting Championship Whoever is Left Standing" Bowl to determine the national champion. Sounds good until the can whip up a playoff system where Georgia Southern gets an automatic bid to the title game.


At 4:05 PM, Blogger Ricardo Grande said...

I think a fair system would be like the BCS except that instead of pitting #1 vs. #2, it would pit #1 versus Georgia Southern. Unless Florida State is #2, in which case this rule should fall by the wayside.


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