Tuesday, January 04, 2005

The BCS provides so much fodder for argument. You can say what you want about the Tigers not winning convincingly enough over VA Tech. You can say they had two turn overs, but I think it is pretty weak for all the analysts to sum it up by saying simply "it wasn't enough". That seems to be all I have been hearing. Auburn had a great season... but... it wasn't enough. What wasn't enough? Going 13 and 0? Beating four top ten teams? Having the number one scoring defense in the nation? It's weak. If I were on ESPN I would be saying that whoever won tonight should have an asterisk by their name. They were good enough to win the Orange Bowl, but... I would be saying the same thing if either Oklahoma or USC were plugged into the Sugar Bowl. After watching Utah dismantle Pitt, I would say they deserve a chance too. That's the thing, college football must have a playoff. Without it you have some great regular season games and you can top it off with bowl games, but there really isn't a National Champion. What I don't understand is how the idea of a USC/Utah and an Oklahoma/Auburn matchup to determine who plays for the national championship doesn't make TV execs and school presidents salivate. It's crazy to me. Playoffs baby! More games more money! I think that they should keep the BCS and use it as seedings for six team playoff. The format should be just like NFL conference playoffs. Six teams with the top two getting a bye week. It's only two more games. If I'm ever elected into office, I'll have to look into legislation to get this done.

I have never played pro ball, but I find the whole idea that the Seahawks played their last game with the intention of getting Shaun Alexander the rushing title absurd. A couple of players said that because the Jets had already finished playing, they knew what Curtis Martin had run for. So the coaching staff was going to make it a point to get Alexander the yards he needed. And then the idea that he was "stabbed in the back" by running a quarterback sneak?! The Seahawks needed a "WIN" to secure the NFC West title, not a Shuan Alexander rushing title.


At 1:38 PM, Blogger Ricardo Grande said...

Man, I used to be a believer in the bowl system but now I sort of loathe it. Too many bowls, and each one minimizes the tradition and meaning that used to be associated with the bowls. I'm for a playoff structure that incorporates the main bowls on a rotating basis. I'll tell you also, I think Utah is getting totally ignored in the flap over Auburn. Sure, Auburn/USC/Oklahoma are good teams, but a 37-7 win over Pitt shows how dominant Utah can be. I'd love to at least see them play one of the big boys.
The Shaun Alexander thing makes even less sense when you consider they probably have to pay him more if he wins the title. I'd have run QB sneaks all day. :)

At 10:36 PM, Blogger Ricardo Grande said...

Oh wow...I wish I had posting abilities right now! I guess a mere comment will have to do. I just watched the halftime show for the Orange Bowl, and it was hilarious. When they announced Ashley Simpson was going to perform, the crowd booed. Then, when Kelly Clarkson's song was screwed up by technical problems, she nevertheless bounced back with a lively and impressive performance. The final number when Ashley Simpson played was awful - even though she had no technical problems it sounded like a bad karaoke number. They shouldn't have had her wrap it up because when she was done all you could hear was the booing of the crowd and the camera was zoomed in on her uncertain, "why do they hate me?" face. Now THAT is television!


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