Thursday, January 06, 2005

I don't know how Air America radio is doing. I heard initially that it was struggling and I'll tell you why. I was driving home from lunch yesterday listening to my favorite Air America host Randi Rhodes. I've ranted on her before, but I really think she took the cake yesterday. I was exaggerating in my last post about her accusing Bush of planning the 9/11 attacks; however, yesterday she accused (literally, I'm not exaggerating) our President of starting the war in Iraq, SO THAT, he could divert construction money for Iraq to defense companies. Lets break this down Randi. You believe that our President started a war with a foreign country not because he believed it was an imminent threat to the American people, not because it had a horrible dicator, no a genocidal horrible dicator who needed to be removed and held accountable, not because spreading democracy in the middle east will... in the long run... bring stability to that region BUT because he wanted to line the pockets of his boys running the defence companies. She compared it to distracting someone while you rob them. She said that Bush is trying to focus America on the plight of the starving Iraqis so that Haliburton can slip out the back door with billions.

I seriously want liberals out there to think about this for a minute. This is your voice. This is a lady who speaks for you. This is what conservatives think that democrats believe. My advise to you... put a muzzle on her. Call Air America radio and have her removed. Beg her to be removed. The thing is, and I know it is this kind of fanatasism that sells ratings (hell I was listening), you can call the president misguided (which is what I personally believe). You can call him stupid, but don't accuse him of starting a war with the sole intention of making defense companies rich. Besides being flat out wrong, it is disrespectful.

Before all you liberals jump all over me, I'd like to point out that at I know Michael Savage is just as outrageous on the other side. I am really just trying to urge moderation and rational thought here, instead of trying to whip people into a frenzy so that they are ready to go mob lynch some poor conservative, or liberal.


At 12:32 PM, Blogger Ricardo Grande said...

Yeah, Randi Rhodes is a nutjob, and is actually the reason I don't listen to Air America (her show is right when I like to listen to talk radio - they should switch her show with Janeane Garofalo's) - but I think the only mistake she makes here is saying that it's the ONLY reason Bush went to war. I'm sure he really believes some of the crap he's peddling, but I don't believe for an instant that he's unaware of the financial interests that are tied to the military-industrial complex. Anyone who thinks that fortunes aren't made through war should read "Wealth and Democracy" - a great book that charts the rise and fall of America's wealthy elites. So whether Bush went to war BECAUSE of his affiliation with those elites, or simply views it as a bonus, I have no doubt that it influenced his decision. I mean, his dad is a prime shaker in the Carlyle Group, for heaven's sake!


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