Monday, January 03, 2005

Over the holidays I did a good deal of travelling (unfortunately) which allowed me a lot of time to listen to talk radio. I learned one thing about myself and that is I could never ever be on talk radio... not conservative and certainly not liberal. The problem is that they have NO original thought... none of them. A few months ago Air America hijacked my old sports station, so because of this occasionally I will listen in. Randi Rhodes is one of their... how shall I put this... more outrageous hosts. Accusing a moustache twirling George Bush of planning the attacks on the World Trade Center so that he can go to war with Islam is one of her more favorite topics. If I were a liberal I would want a muzzle put on her. The problem is that conservative talk show hosts aren't any better. The Schnitt Show had a fill in host named The Cigar General Dave... something like that. Apparently conservative talk show hosts have cornered the market on cigar smoking. Maybe they should be reminded of another famous Cigar Aficionado.

Anyway, this clown was ranting about the UN and France. He went so far as to say "make no mistake about it... France is our enemy". Really? They are? That's a shame. They have good wine and cheese. They also make badass automobiles believe it or not. And the last time I checked, it wasn't hardcore French nationalists that were flying planes into the World Trade Center or beheading people and then posting the video online. As far as I can tell there biggest atrocity would be to disagree with our foreign policy. But I guess if you listen to Ann Coulter that makes you an enemy even if you are a US citizen.

Back to the original point... extremism isn't a good thing. It sells ratings and it sells books, but it also makes you look like an ass. It also motivates fanatics to do things like kill thousands of innocent people.


At 1:49 PM, Blogger Ricardo Grande said...

Ann Coulter warned me about you people! I bet you have a Frenchy middle name, like "Antoine"! Go back to Vichy, baby-eater!


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