Thursday, March 31, 2005

I know that purists really dislike the inclusion of four doors on this model, but I think this is one badass vehicle. Makes a brother want to trade in their WRX!

I am not sure when the Charger SRT8 goes on sale or how much it is going to cost, but I think if I start leaning on my wife now, she'll cave in eventually.

ps... to get the full effect right click and "view image" I can't resize images from Dodge's website!

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

So the wife and I watched The Amazing Race last night. Rob and Amber got screwed over by the two gay kids. What was funny about that was that Rob got all pissed and all "that's the way they're gonna play?!" when all along Rob and Amber have been doing whatever they can to screw over everyone else.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not hating on anybody here. I like Rob and Amber and I understand you're in a competition and you gotta do what you gotta do. Just don't act all shocked when someone pulls a stunt to put you behind.

What I think is really funny is when teams will book flights for other teams that they "have an alliance with". That is when I would totally book them on a flight to the other side of the globe. They'd get on the plane and be all like "Where's everyone else?" "Why is everyone on this plane dressed in parkas and overcoats when we're supposed to be going to Senegal?". Morons! That's what you get for trusting me! Enjoy Siberia!

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Dear Crest,

These were a bad idea... a really really bad idea

I got some free samples of this crap and trust me... Citrus and Vanilla toothpaste are no better than they sound. Worse in fact.

So I tried to write a post today on the media coverage that Nick Saban has been getting and on Travis Henry getting traded and I think Blogger deleted it. Anyway, to sum up what used to be a rather lengthy post... I think that Nick Saban has been getting a huge amount of coverage in the press. More so than any other rookie head coach that I can recall. I know he is still having to deal with the whole Ricky Williams issue; however... he seems to be worth the hire just for the press he's been getting.

Secondly, had an article on Travis Henry getting traded. Point of the article is that the author felt that Travis Henry is justified in being disgruntled. I disagree. If Buffalo is not trading Travis Henry it is not that they are draggin their feet, maybe it is because they don't like the trade. Maybe they aren't getting what they feel is an equal value and want to hold on to Travis Henry as insurance. It's been known to happen.

My original post was a lot wittier and more detailed. Trust me on this one.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Neal Boortz has a great article on Terri Schiavo. I can't believe I have actually brought this up, but I felt it was too good to pass up.

Maybe evolution IS wrong...

...because this Florida Republican legislator is clearly the missing link.
I'm sorry to have yet ANOTHER post on academic freedom, but the outlook keeps getting bleaker and bleaker. That article seriously has me reconsidering my hopes of returning to a Florida state university to teach. There are a number of things that are bizarre about this legislation:
1) These are the same Florida Republicans who got all heated up about runaway lawsuits the last few years and did everything to prevent people from suing over medical malpractice, etc. Now, they want to allow students to sue faculty because they don't feel their views are respected? Is there any more dubious litmus test for when you can sue someone?
2) The fact of the matter is that we ARE dictators in our classrooms because WE ARE THE ONES WHO KNOW THE MATERIAL. To make a college curriculum revolve around what the PUBLIC thinks is correct is completely contradictory to the purpose of college. You are there to learn. From us. What is so confusing about that? Instead, this legislation wants to make the faculty teach things they don't believe, and we aren't even allow to debate you into submission, because then we are vulnerable to being sued for humiliating you. This is the dumbing down of Florida.
3) The fact that the author of the legislation holds out intelligent design as an example of a "serious academic theory" shows how out of touch HE is with actual academics. He may think of faculty as a bunch of "leftist elites who are out of touch with the mainstream" but he needs to realize that science is not a poll - it's fucking REALITY!
4) Man, I am FIRED UP! Florida makes Georgia look like a moderate state. For a group that are as ideologically committed to markets as these legislators are, you'd think they'd realize that they are going to drive good faculty away if this law actually passes and is used (which it will be, you can bet David Horowitz will see to that). Why would I choose to take a job in Florida if I'm opening myself up to lawsuits? It's not even like we make"doctor" money and insurance. I could never pay even court costs.
Fuckers. This is all part of their plan to force their ideological views on anyone who can show a shred of independent thinking. And it's all based on innuendo and anecdotes.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

I feel that the only thing I have been hearing about in the news these past few days is Terri Schiavo. So instead of commenting on that I'll point out that my wife and I have started running. Keep in mind that I ran (well sort of ran) a marathon at the beginning of January and we are covering a distance of around one mile. I got a blister this morning... from one mile! I couldn't believe it. Granted, I haven't excercised since the marathon, but a blister, after one mile.

Anyway, there is my non-Terri Schiavo related post.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Two things

I bet that Jerry Buss wishes he could turn back the hands of time... just like nine months and instead of shipping off one of the best (if not the best) coaches of all time and one of the best (if not the best) centers of all time all in order to placate an egomaniac rapist who hasn't been able to carry the burden of his team he could say to the Heat "why don't you take the rapist and we'll take Dwayne Wade". I bet he'd be sleeping a lot better at night. Welcome to 500 LA, welcome to mediocrity. At least you can take solace in the fact that they let three quarters of the teams into the playoffs so you guys are all set.

Oh wait, I just looked at the current standings. It's even funnier! You guys would have to leapfrog two teams... just to make the playoffs. Nice going Laker management. I hope that investment in the rapist has paid off for you.

Anyway, my other point was going to be that the Playstation Portable comes out in a couple of days. I am definitely going to wait for all the hype to die down before I go out and get my grubby hands on one, but I am looking forward to it nonetheless.

Monday, March 21, 2005

What a tough loss yesterday. I honestly thought Florida had what it took this year. I guess I got too hyped up watching them dismantle Kentucky last weekend. I can admit, I may have slightly overrated them, but losing in the first weekend?! Again?!

I hate to say this, but I really do feel that whenever I watch a big game, I don't see Anthony Roberson. I don't see him having either a good or a bad game. You just don't see him. That wouldn't reassure me if I was a pro scout. You can see Walsh or Lee having either really good games or really bad games, but Roberson just seems to disappear.

Still a tough loss.

Friday, March 18, 2005

That was too close.
In case you didn't hear, Florida blew a 20 point lead but managed to hang on.

Florida - 67
Ohio - 62

My NCAA bracket is already taking a beating. So much for me having faith in the SEC... let's see if Florida can do right by me.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Final Four Picks

I have stopped joining NCAA pools. I did really well the first year I entered one (second place) and since then, I don't think that there has been a year where I haven't been mathematically eliminated from winning after the first weekend. Ce La Vie. Anyway, I present to you my NCAA Final Four picks. And I'll preface this by saying that after I picked Florida to beat UNC in the Syracuse regionals, I thought "in for a dime, in for a dollar"

Chicago Region - Illinois
Albuquerque Region - Georgia Tech
Syracuse Region - Florida
Austin Region - Duke

Championship game - Florida over Illinois

Like I said, in for dime, in for a dollar.

My wife's pool, looking far different has

Chicago Region - Oklahoma State
Albuquerque Region - Washington
Syracuse Region - Florida
Austin Region - Duke

Championship game - Oklahoma State over Florida

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Why are liberals not more supportive of Larry Summers?

Spreading the word far and wide

I found this on planetdan's blog and I thought to myself, this is just too righteous not to pass along to the masses.

Anyway, I would be lying compeletely and totally if I said that I didn't secretly want one of these. They can be found at Busty Mousepads!

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

football thoughts

I'm not sure about this, but I'm kind of wondering what the worst run of drafting has been for any team in the history of the NFL. My guess is the Cleveland Browns who in three consecutive years had one of the top 3 picks in the draft (two number 3s and one number 1). All three have been released in the last eight months. I can't think of any finer example of draft failure. And let's not forget that Cleveland followed up those brilliant moves by passing up Clinton Portis for Willy Green. Here's to hoping that Romeo Crennel and his boys are a little better at scouting than the previous coaching staffs.

Friday, March 11, 2005

So I have always thought that I would make an excellent executive working for an automobile manufacturer. For example, if I were working at Pontiac in the late 90's I would have sent the designer of the Aztec packing. I could have also told you that noone would pay $100K for a VW "luxury sedan". I will admit that I felt (actually still do feel like) that the Honda Element was a complete disaster and it is one of Honda's best selling vehicles. I guess you can't win all the time, but this brings me to my point.

Ford is finally pulling the plug on the redesigned Ford Thunderbird. After about a four year run and 55,000 units sold, Ford has decided to end production. Now don't get me wrong, I don't dislike the Thunderbird, I just think it is horribly overpriced. With an MSRP of close to 40,000 and quite a hefty mark up from the initial hype you have what amounted to... well... just that, a lot of hype. The car was underpowered, didn't have the bells and whistles of a $40K vehicle, so really what it seems to me like is that Ford saw the success of the PT Cruiser and other retro designed cars and thought that the market was willing to pay a premium price on them. Bad Idea Jeans. So this brings me back to my original point. The first time I saw the Ford Thunderbird (the new one) I thought, it looks nice, but noone is going to pay $45,000 for it (which is what it was going for when it first came out). I could have ended Ford's pain long ago...

Thursday, March 10, 2005

I know that Mike Tice is one of the lower paid coaches in the NFL, but come on... scalping tickets?

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Socialized medicine

A fascinating new take on socialized medicine that I had never considered before! Good stuff.
Up with socialism! :)

Israeli Settlements

Wow...rarely are rumors substantiated so completely in the world of international politics as in this report. Of course, nobody will ever hear about it.
Israeli settlements

Jael Phelps, on Air America

So I'm sitting here listening to Air America, and they just had Kansan protestor Jael Phelps on the Al Franken Show. It was fascinating. She's one of the people protesting AIDS funerals with signs like "God hates fags". When asked why they do it, she said that funerals are great opportunities to convert people because it's a moment of truth. When Al asked if she thought it might be counter-productive, she said that she didn't care because she was there to speak the truth. Later, Al asked her if she would take care of a gay at work (she's a nurse) and she replied that she seperated her personal life from work. Here's what I wish Al had followed up with:

Why is it the truth is so important when you're ruining someone else's funeral, but not so important when it comes to keeping your job?

I have to say I admire her willingness to go out on a limb for her beliefs (both protesting at funerals and going on Air America - after protesting an Al Franken appearance!) but it seems her beliefs take a back seat when they begin to negatively impact her, instead of a bunch of grieving gay-sympathizers. That's just selfish.

In other news, I love bold and italics.

More Democratic foolishness

Andrea Stillman, a democratic state senator out of connecticut has decided that she knows best for YOU and wants to introduce legislation banning cell phone use while filling up at the gas station.

At issue here is several scary emails that she got and read imploring you to hang up your phone at the gas station, lest you will burst in to a ball of flames. You know, these are the same emails that promise Bill Gates will send you 50 dollars for every forward you send, or that if you forward these emails to enough people some stump of a kid will get all his arms and legs back.

Anyway, if she had even bothered to do a little searching around she would have found out this was a giant hoax and that no evidence has ever been found of someone being ignited while using their cell phone at the pump. Static electricity has caused fires by igniting fumes from gasoline, but nowhere has a cell phone ever caused enough of a spark to light anything on fire.

I wish someone would have sent her this.

Dear Andrea:
Your constituency

Now instead she is wasting valuable tax payer money, time and infringing on personal freedoms. Nice going Democrats.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

The effectiveness of good advertising

So I am not a big gambler and I'm not into the whole online gambling experience, but if I were to ever participate it would be with This is the company that has tattooed it's logo across streakers, women's breasts, and people's foreheads. It has paid people to streak at sporting events and to brave security in order to climb up the diving platform at the 2004 Athens olympics. In addition they purchased the virgin mary grilled cheese sandwich on ebay a few months ago.

Their latest advertising venture comes in the form of them purchasing Tawny Peaks' removed breast implants. For those that don't remember, Tawny Peaks is the stripper who dropped her enormous tits on some guys head and gave him whiplash. Or so he claims.

Anyway, like I said, I don't gamble, but I do feel that this company should be rewarded for their extraordinarily creative approach to advertising.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005


I'm sorry, but I don't care how you feel about homosexuality, picketing funerals of gays who died of AIDS is above and beyond with signs like "GOD HATES FAGS" is above and beyond. God is watching, buddy, and it's not the gay he's shaking his head at.

Kansas Voters Weigh Anti-Bias OrdinanceAssociated Press/AP Online

TOPEKA, Kan. - A minister known for picketing the funerals of AIDS victims with signs reading "God hates fags" led an effort to repeal an anti-discrimination ordinance at the polls Tuesday, and one of his granddaughters tried to unseat an openly gay member of the City Council.
The Rev. Fred Phelps Sr. sought to remove from the books a city ordinance that prohibits discrimination against gays in municipal hiring. The repeal measure would also bar Topeka from reinstating such protections for 10 years.
Meanwhile, Phelps' granddaughter, Jael Phelps, was among three candidates challenging openly gay council member Tiffany Muller in a nonpartisan primary.
Muller, 26, pushed for the anti-discrimination ordinance after she was appointed to fill a vacancy on the council last year.
The council approved the ordinance in November. The senior Phelps and his Westboro Baptist Church then launched a petition drive against it. Less than two months later, opponents had collected enough signatures to force the city to put the ordinance to a citywide vote.
"That's my job - to preach this stuff and to strive against sin," Phelps said Tuesday, describing homosexuality as a "filthy lifestyle."
Phelps has long been a fierce foe of gay rights. His church has picketed the funerals of AIDS victims for more than a decade. His protest outside the 1998 funeral for Matthew Shepherd, the gay college student beaten to death in Wyoming, led to his portrayal in the play "The Laramie Project."
Phelps' targets have also included churches he deems too soft on homosexuality.
At least two voters said Phelps' support for repealing the ordinance did not affect their decision on the issue.
Barry Elfant, 52, said he voted to leave the ordinance in place, but not because of Phelps. "The whole thing is just stupid - it's 2005," he said. "I'm ashamed to be a resident of a community still struggling with these issues."
But even some voters who opposed the ordinance distanced themselves from Phelps.
Retired teacher Jim Paramore said he was "not for Fred Phelps," explaining that he voted to repeal the ordinance because "there doesn't need to be special consideration made for homosexuality."
Phelps' opponents said they were hoping voters would preserve the anti-discrimination ordinance.
"I would think anybody who votes `yes' today has to hold their noses," said Bill Beachy, president of Concerned Citizens of Topeka, which formed a decade ago to oppose the senior Phelps and his church.

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