Thursday, March 24, 2005

Maybe evolution IS wrong...

...because this Florida Republican legislator is clearly the missing link.
I'm sorry to have yet ANOTHER post on academic freedom, but the outlook keeps getting bleaker and bleaker. That article seriously has me reconsidering my hopes of returning to a Florida state university to teach. There are a number of things that are bizarre about this legislation:
1) These are the same Florida Republicans who got all heated up about runaway lawsuits the last few years and did everything to prevent people from suing over medical malpractice, etc. Now, they want to allow students to sue faculty because they don't feel their views are respected? Is there any more dubious litmus test for when you can sue someone?
2) The fact of the matter is that we ARE dictators in our classrooms because WE ARE THE ONES WHO KNOW THE MATERIAL. To make a college curriculum revolve around what the PUBLIC thinks is correct is completely contradictory to the purpose of college. You are there to learn. From us. What is so confusing about that? Instead, this legislation wants to make the faculty teach things they don't believe, and we aren't even allow to debate you into submission, because then we are vulnerable to being sued for humiliating you. This is the dumbing down of Florida.
3) The fact that the author of the legislation holds out intelligent design as an example of a "serious academic theory" shows how out of touch HE is with actual academics. He may think of faculty as a bunch of "leftist elites who are out of touch with the mainstream" but he needs to realize that science is not a poll - it's fucking REALITY!
4) Man, I am FIRED UP! Florida makes Georgia look like a moderate state. For a group that are as ideologically committed to markets as these legislators are, you'd think they'd realize that they are going to drive good faculty away if this law actually passes and is used (which it will be, you can bet David Horowitz will see to that). Why would I choose to take a job in Florida if I'm opening myself up to lawsuits? It's not even like we make"doctor" money and insurance. I could never pay even court costs.
Fuckers. This is all part of their plan to force their ideological views on anyone who can show a shred of independent thinking. And it's all based on innuendo and anecdotes.


At 9:25 AM, Blogger romeotheBT said...

As I thought about this post, I was thinking "what the hell am I going to write about?" I agree with you, this bill is ridiculous. People who support this bill have been manipulated into believing that all college professors are VW micro bus driving ex-hippies with anti war stickers all over their vehicle. Anyway, I digress. This entire bill seems counterproductive. In my personal experience I haven't ever encountered ANY political bias... granted, I never took any poly-sci classes, but still.

From the article, I think Gelber summed it up best in that basically it opens up personal beliefs to influence the curriculum. And honestly, can someone explain Baxley's comment "Freedom is a dangerous thing, and you might be exposed to things you don’t want to hear," Huh? I am being serious about this, could someone clarify this for me?

I can understand the need to protect a student from ridicule from a professor, but I think you need to have a little thicker skin than to introduce a bill of rights. I actually had a teacher in high school tell me "my ass was grass and he was a lawn mower". Thick skin baby, thick skin. Come on now.

Anyway, as a conservative and a proponent of smaller government, there seems to be a much greater area of pressing needs that should be taken care of than worrying about whether some scared freshmen is going to get overwhelmed and scared in his poly-sci 101 class.


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