Friday, March 11, 2005

So I have always thought that I would make an excellent executive working for an automobile manufacturer. For example, if I were working at Pontiac in the late 90's I would have sent the designer of the Aztec packing. I could have also told you that noone would pay $100K for a VW "luxury sedan". I will admit that I felt (actually still do feel like) that the Honda Element was a complete disaster and it is one of Honda's best selling vehicles. I guess you can't win all the time, but this brings me to my point.

Ford is finally pulling the plug on the redesigned Ford Thunderbird. After about a four year run and 55,000 units sold, Ford has decided to end production. Now don't get me wrong, I don't dislike the Thunderbird, I just think it is horribly overpriced. With an MSRP of close to 40,000 and quite a hefty mark up from the initial hype you have what amounted to... well... just that, a lot of hype. The car was underpowered, didn't have the bells and whistles of a $40K vehicle, so really what it seems to me like is that Ford saw the success of the PT Cruiser and other retro designed cars and thought that the market was willing to pay a premium price on them. Bad Idea Jeans. So this brings me back to my original point. The first time I saw the Ford Thunderbird (the new one) I thought, it looks nice, but noone is going to pay $45,000 for it (which is what it was going for when it first came out). I could have ended Ford's pain long ago...


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