Tuesday, March 29, 2005

So I tried to write a post today on the media coverage that Nick Saban has been getting and on Travis Henry getting traded and I think Blogger deleted it. Anyway, to sum up what used to be a rather lengthy post... I think that Nick Saban has been getting a huge amount of coverage in the press. More so than any other rookie head coach that I can recall. I know he is still having to deal with the whole Ricky Williams issue; however... he seems to be worth the hire just for the press he's been getting.

Secondly, SI.com had an article on Travis Henry getting traded. Point of the article is that the author felt that Travis Henry is justified in being disgruntled. I disagree. If Buffalo is not trading Travis Henry it is not that they are draggin their feet, maybe it is because they don't like the trade. Maybe they aren't getting what they feel is an equal value and want to hold on to Travis Henry as insurance. It's been known to happen.

My original post was a lot wittier and more detailed. Trust me on this one.


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