Monday, April 25, 2005

Grading The Jacksonville Jaguars Draft

I am going to give the Jaguars... an E for effort. Seriously though, I have always felt that it was pretty asinine to "grade drafts". The only thing you can grade is how closely the team drafted compared to what players you thought were the best. I think three years later you can grade a draft... so knowing that, I am going to grade the Jaguars 2002 NFL draft. In 2002 Jacksonville drafted John Henderson DT from Tennessee, Mike Pearson OT from Florida, Akin Ayodele LB from Purdue, David Garrard QB from East Carolina, Chris Luzar TE from Virginia and a few other guys I haven't heard from since then. Anyway, overall it looks like a solid draft... John Henderson is a pro-bowl caliber guy, David Garrard is a VERY solid backup, Mike Pearson, assuming he makes it back from injury is our starting left tackle and Akin Ayodele is one of our most consistent LB. Overall I give them a B+. The fact that none of these players have been to a pro-bowl gets them knocked down a grade. Overall though... solid effort guys.

To show you how asinine grading drafts is, this is from a Google search for
Jaguars 2002 NFL draft grades. Jacksonville got a C+ with bad picks being Ayodele and Garrard.

Anyway, beyond the first five picks, I haven't even heard of most of these guys. I do remember Matt Jones almost single handedly bringing Arkansas back against a three touchdown deficit against Florida. If he ends up panning out, he should be an awesome player. We'll just have to wait and see!


At 11:28 AM, Blogger Ricardo Grande said...

Yeah, I am pretty excited about Jones - he seems pretty awesome. Otherwise, it sounds like we didn't get any good corners although I don't think any fell to our, can't blame them for that. I don't know that I like the Pearson pick from 2002 given that:
a) we were drafting this year to replace him
b) he's a Gator

At 9:37 AM, Blogger romeotheBT said...

Uh... I'll comment on this again. Grades for drafts are so asinine! They really are. The Times-Union was grading Jacksonville's draft and here is what they said about Matt Jones

MATT JONES - WR, Arkansas – B - If this grade was handed out purely on guts, the Jaguars would get an A-plus. Give James Harris and Jack Del Rio credit for showing courage on behalf of an offense that is rarely willing to take chances. Oklahoma WR Mark Clayton or Virginia TE Heath Miller were safer choices for the team's pitiful red-zone offense, but Jones is the most intriguing draft choice in franchise history. The adjustment from college quarterback to receiver may require some time, but if it pans out for Jones and he juices up the offense, the Jaguars' Slash will be a cult hero.

How about this grade. An A if he turns out to be a star player in three years and an F if he doesn’t. Isn’t that what really matters about the draft?


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