Friday, April 22, 2005

If life were like commercials there would be no racism. Commercials are an absolute bastion or racial harmony. I don't know whether it is because advertising agencies are very progressive in their thinking or that they are trying to appeal to a broad demographic in a small amount of time, but I challenge anyone to watch a commercial break without seeing white and black people getting along swimmingly in the same commercial.

So the draft is this weekend. Jacksonville has had a very good offseason so far wrapping up Marcus Stroud for the next few years, giving David Garrard a new contract, signing some solid help on defense... it seems that they've given themselves some flexibility in the draft. Is it enough flexibility to draft Heath Miller? A tight end whos stock has dropped because of a hernia that is apparently pretty serious? At least that is what Dr. Z thinks on SI's website... ESPN doesn't even have Miller going in the first round. As usual, I'll be waiting for my phone call from the NFL.


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