Friday, April 15, 2005

In my never ending quest to talk about all things important... I'll give you my thoughts on last night's apprentice. I've never met Donald Trump, so I have no idea of how I would act; however, I certainly don't think I would wet myself like the three candidates in the board room last night. In case you missed the episode, the task was to design an advertising campaign for Pontiac's new "roadster" the Solstice... or Soulster as one of the contestants called it.

Anyway, the losing team got called into the boardroom where the Donald asked them "so what do you think of the Pontiac Solstice?"

Now see... here is a good opportunity to set yourself apart... act calm... tell the Donald what you really think. Instead they had things to say like "I'm gonna buy one... that's all there is to it" and "It's the most beautiful piece of machinery I've ever seen" and "If I could spend the rest of my life making love to this automobile, I would". The contest is over. You don't have to kiss Pontiac's ass anymore. I'll tell you what I think of the Pontiac Solstice. It looks like they had a computer program come up with a generic amalgamation of every other two seat roadster out there. It looks like a bloated Miata. I got tired of hearing for an hour how sexy and exotic this vehicle is. It's crap... you're better off trying to find a used Daewoo. Two issues. A) You shouldn't have to kiss the Donald's Ass B) The Pontiac Solstice is rubbish. If Pontiac were smart, they would fire their entire design staff. And just release this...

No changes. No redesigns. Same engine, same body. It should be easy.


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