Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Some random thoughts

My wife got called into jury duty today. This is her third call to jury duty compared to none for me. I'm not sure if I should feel lucky or unloved.

Speaking of Air America radio... occasionally I will tune into their morning show Marc and Mark. One of the hosts constantly refers to conservatives as the "Neocon Christo-facist Deathcult Zombie Brigade". I'm not sure he's going to win over any conservative friends like that.

Gillette used to have this really horrible commercial. It had their thematic "the best a man can get" and the narrator told us that if we used Gillette when "we spoke... they listen" "you look... she smiles". All the while over some really horrible montage of images of men rapping, men busting through walls, even and God knows how... an image of Muhammad Ali. I think I have finally found a commercial that equals the sheer atrociousness of that one. Cadillac is now running a commercial that describes how "when you're a power player, you wear a power suit, you power up to make a power move, and when you finally feel the power you feel the presence". Or at least something like that. I don't think I did it justice but it is pretty horrible. Both of these commercials seem to be taking the approach that if you use our product you will instantly be a powerful man's man. Truly an epic approach to advertising.

I wish that Terrel Owens would go away or at least that the media would start ignoring him. I feel sorry for the Eagles. I used to think that he was worth the media circus that revolved around his antics but, after demanding a new contract, not one year after the Eagles reworked his previous one, I'm positive that he it not. If I were Andy Reid I would try and trade him. Maybe for a seventh round pick or a chicken sandwich or something.


At 12:41 PM, Blogger Ricardo Grande said...

Spoken just like a member of the Neocon Christo-fascist Deathcult Zombie Brigade. No wonder they don't want you to be on a jury. no zombies allowed!

At 2:53 PM, Blogger romeotheBT said...

I think it is more because I'm a power broker wearing a power suit powering up while drinking my powerade. How many times can I use power in one comment? Have you seen that commercial? It is one of the most hideously pretentious things I have ever seen... it's like trying to gode you into buying a Caddy... like "listen, you may have a small penis but if you drive a Cadillac people will think you are important... I mean POWERFUL!"

At 4:28 PM, Blogger Ricardo Grande said...

Heh heh! Good stuff. It reminds me of two types of commercials:
1) Marine recruiting ads where it shows the marine as a knight slaying a flaming dragon or something like that. I wonder if it feels like knighthood when you are having car bombs randomly killing your buddies.
2) Miss Cleo-type commercials: "Oh honey, you were right - he's definitely cheating on you with a younger woman."
So blatant. I mean, TRY to disguise what you are doing.


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