Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Taking advantage of collectors

One of my favorite past times is browsing through ebay looking at items that I would never condsider purchasing. The funniest listings to look at are ones with bloated prices that are aimed at collectors/speculators. I was browsing the Star Wars listings and there are some pretty cool items (most of them being actual props from the movies) and then some of them are just absolute CRAP!

I saw this listing and I just about blew my coffee out all over the computer screen laughing. In case the item is down by the time you get around to reading this let me break it down for you. The listing is for a "Very Super Rare R2 D2 Salt and Pepper Shaker" that "are so rare in fact that if you look them up on the internet, you will probably only find one other set". That is hilarious!! I'm no collector, but the day that someone shells out 250 dollars for some home-made Star Wars crap is the day I run through the streets of Miami dressed like Princess Leah.

Anyway, just in case you were worried, the item is listed has been listed for 5 days and has as of yet received 0 bids! Happy hunting collectors!

edit: For 50 dollars less, you can get your hands on an electric guitar autographed by John Williams.


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