Wednesday, May 04, 2005

VH1's Remaking

So last night before bed, I was flipping through the channels when I happened to stumble upon VH1's program Remaking Vanilla Ice. I thought "This should be entertaining". Let's just say... I was NOT disappointed.

Anyway, one of the reasons that I watched it in the first place is that I had seen a previous episode with Vince Neil. Basically they gave Vince Neil plastic surgery, a physical trainer, a stylist, and a hit producer to make a new song. The whole point was that Vince Neil realized his career was pretty washed up and that he needed some serious help to revive his image. Vince Neil was more than willing to take any and all help to accomplish and I think it worked out pretty well. His new song is actually pretty good and it had a feel-good ending.

Vanilla Ice's episode couldn't have been any more different. I felt truly embarrassed for him. He basically turned down everything that VH1 offered (from hit producers to hairstylists to dance instructors to wardrobe). All the while citing that "music isn't about image or gimmicks". Well... you're wrong. And it doesn't help that your music sucks too.

What really was the point of this exercise on your part Rob? You go onto a show called "Remaking" and essentially refuse to be remade. He really sounded like a broken record. Everyone that he met he told the story of how he was "thrown under the bus" by the record industry and that wasn't about gimmicks or "image" anymore. So he would refuse any and all help to change (or enhance as one of the stylists said) his image.

The really sad part of this is that he is so desperate to stick with an image that he thinks lends him some sort of credibility. The kind of credibility you get with the kids who like Insane Clown Posse. The funny thing is that... we're ready to forgive you Rob. I promise. Go to any club and if they spin the original "Ice Ice Baby", kids will go apeshit. Put on the Hammer pants, get the fade, shave a couple of lines in your eyebrow and enjoy the millions you would pull in. But... that was long ago and Ice is no longer about "image" or "gimmicks" he's about "credibility".

Anyway, nice going loser... you can ride that credibility right on to obscurity!


At 1:29 PM, Blogger Ricardo Grande said...

He played Statesboro a few weeks ago. Suh-weet! It was hilarious, I was at the coffeeshop working and there were more people there than I have ever seen, I think they were avoiding the club he was playing at.


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