Friday, July 01, 2005

NBA Draft grades

I think that sports websites that post draft grades (e.g. Sports Illustrated's NBA draft grades) should be forced to archive and provide access to previous year's draft grades so we can all see how absolutely absurd they are.

Here is my archived draft grade for the L.A. Clippers from the 1998 NBA draft.

A++ Michael Olowokandi is a superb first over all pick and will be the cornerstone for the Clippers franchise for years to come. He is the yin to cross town rival LA's yang in Shaquille O'neal. These two will dominate the center position for the rest of this millenium and the millenium to come. Olowokandi offers an answer to the true big man that is lacking in today's game. His arrival will signal the Clippers rise to dominance.


At 10:53 AM, Blogger Ricardo Grande said...

The NBA is still playing?


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