Friday, August 26, 2005

Jags Falcons game

It seems to me like the preseason is where nothing can be right. Either your team is good... or excellent... and all you hear is how the preseason means nothing. Or your team struggles and gets bashed for that. Vic Ketchman wrote "Savvy football people don't get worked up about preseason games. Be savvy". Yet, if you read the writeups of last night's game, you would think that Jacksonville is doomed for the season. And could the ESPN broadcast team of Joe Theisman, Paul Maguire and Mike Patrick suck NFL player's dicks any harder?! Holy Christ, talk about Shlup-Shlup-Shlup. If I hear them fall all over themselves to complement every single player on the field one more time, I'm going to peel my toenails back slowly. Let's hope Jacksonville gets passed up for those Sunday night games. Anyway, obviously it would have been better to win last night, but I thought there were a lot of highlights and other than the fact that Jacksonville seems to be unable to stop the run, I think things are looking good for the season.


At 10:27 AM, Blogger Ricardo Grande said...

Shlup-shlup-shlup, that's classic. So true. I would love to just hear some moderation out of NFL broadcasters sometime. I realize they have a lot of time to kill, but silence can be beautiful. Let us watch the game.
I watched the game last night, and I thought we looked alright, the score would have been a lot closer if our receivers could have held onto the ball. WAY too many dropped passes. But all in all, not bad! I'm ready for the regular season though. I have trouble convincing myself to watch the game exclusively because it just doesn't matter.


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