Thursday, August 18, 2005

More Jaguars stuff

So last night I watched the "NFL Network" on cable (it's new - just for the season?), and they happened to have a Jaguars practice on FOR AN HOUR. Now, I love the Jaguars, but watching a summer camp day was NOT interesting. The commentators just kept making jokes about the heat. The best part was when Paul Spicer took a camera crew through the parking lot and talked about all the players' cars. The rookie punter had an old Camry - Spicer was like, "we'll see what he gets once the season gets started."


At 1:16 PM, Blogger romeotheBT said...

I'm pretty sure that it won't be long until network executives realize that just sticking a camera in any situation... calling it a reality show... or whatever is NOT an instant recipe for success. But in case it doesn't dawn on them immediately, I'll clue them in. Most people's lives and coversations are BORING. There is a reason Jerry Bruckheimer blows shit up every five minutes in one of this movies.


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