Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Chris Webber and his dinghy

Chris Webber was on the Bill Maher show to talk about the NBA dress code and he had some interesting things to say - he said that the idea that it was racist was not true because the players could dress "fly" in suits and therefore express themselves. As he put it, he wasn't going to wear a Brooks Brothers suit anytime soon. It was pretty funny.

The best part was when Bill Maher referenced the Minnesota Viking boat fiasco and asked Chris Webber if he'd ever rented a boat just to have sex and do drugs on it.

His answer: "Naah, I own a boat."

P.S. Spike Lee is crazy. Watch the Bill Maher Show for proof.


At 12:42 PM, Blogger romeotheBT said...

Shut up! Spike Lee Crazy?! Impossible... but you'll have to tell me how. Even if I did not have an aversion to watching that American-hating traitor Bill Maher... I don't have HBO. Too poor.

Anyway, Chris Webber has the right idea and it really does fall right in line with what I was saying. Regardless of how you dress Kobe Byrant or Ron Artest up, I'm still going to think they're a raper and a gangsta... respectively.

At 8:55 PM, Blogger Ricardo Grande said...

You know the Black Man has no better friend than Ricardo Grande. But Spike Lee was saying that he suspected the US government blew up the levees in New Orleans to get the blacks out. His argument was that he wouldn't put anything past the US government because of the Tuskegee experiments. Now, that's not really a reason to believe it, is it? That's perhaps a reason to wonder, or to look further into it, but not to believe it. For that you would need evidence, right? I mean, I might think that aliens blew up the levees, but unless I have some scrap of evidence I can't really argue that's what happened, right? He sounded like a paranoid homeless man. A shame, because he made Tucker Carlson look good by comparison.


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